Cutting-edge technologies, innovative techniques and methodologies, humanisation of treatment, focus on the doctor-patient relationship, patient-oriented comfort: these are some of the mainstays on which the GVM Care & Research model of healthcare assistance is based.
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Founded in 1973 with the inauguration of its first private healthcare facility, today, GVM Care & Research is a Group offering medical and scientific excellence at 50 structures located not only in Italy, but also in France, Albania, Poland and Ukraine. It is also the foremost Italian Group as regards territorial extension, employing over 11,000 people with the aim of placing patients at the centre of an integrated network of state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. This aim has been achieved with advanced technologies, highly comfortable environments and professionals with constantly updated international experience.

Over the ensuing years GVM Care & Research broadened its field of action by taking over further facilities and creating companies complementary to its healthcare business, going into such sectors as medical-scientific research and training, wellness and spa treatment, hotel hospitality, the biomedical industry, food products and services to companies. In 2007, the Group began to expand beyond the Italian borders, not only with numerous acquisitions and inaugurations, but also with major investments in the social-welfare services.

As a result of its business accomplishments and its extensive experience gained in the word of healthcare, GVM Care & Research keeps capital of expertise with high added value not only in the medical field but also in terms of design, organization and management of Hospitals until providing “ready-to-use” facilities in Italy as well as abroad.

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